Mediation , Conflict Resolution, Training
& Small Business Consultation

We serve the community with a range of accessible, high quality and affordable mediation services and educate community members about conflict prevention and collaborative problem-solving.


Conflict Resolution

Offer a range of conflict resolution services to address community needs, including but not limited to housing, consumer, family, neighborhood, peer/youth and workplace mediation. Provide conflict resolution and mediation services at no cost or on a sliding scale.


Provide intensive skills-based mediation trainings and conduct workshops and presentations on conflict prevention and mediation that are available to businesses, churches, local municipalities, schools and public organizations.

Small Business Partnerships

Partner with small businesses on Cape Cod to collect information and provide analysis that will support small businesses in conflict prevention. This opens up communication in business, helps discover underlying issues and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

We Create Positive Change

Cape Mediation is a leader in dispute resolution. We support the health of our community with accessible, quality, affordable mediation services. In doing so, we educate people about conflict prevention and collaborate problem-solving skills. Our services include mediation, training, and small business partnerships.

Our Mission

Cape Mediation is committed to promoting the awareness, understanding and use of mediation through training and collaborative problem solving in our community.

You should be talking to us

You can solve your problems through mediation. You don’t have to do this alone. Mediation and mediation skills are applicable across a broad spectrum of human interactions which include family, elders, work place, legal disputes in court, schools, town government, religious organizations, non-profits. You can learn this and we can teach you. We can provide an early intervention in regards to conflict prevention and management through collaborative problem solving.

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