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We serve the community with a range of accessible, high quality and affordable mediation services and educate community members about conflict prevention and collaborative problem-solving.

About Us

Cape Mediation is a leader in dispute resolution. We support the health of our community with accessible, quality, affordable mediation services. In doing so, we educate people about conflict prevention and collaborate problem-solving skills. Our services include mediation, training, and small business partnerships.

We Create Positive Change


  • Building awareness of creative problem-solving
  • Creating access to quality training
  • Expanding and diversifying our financial resources
  • Nurturing thoughtful community partnerships
  • Supporting our volunteers

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the awareness, understanding, and use of mediation through training and collaborative problem-solving in our community. Our efforts drive toward this mission by improving communication and harmony for everyone.

Cape Mediation has offered high-quality conflict management services and training to the courts and communities of Cape Cod since 1989. We are a private, non-profit 501( c) 3 organization that receives financial support through grants from the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, the Massachusetts Bar Foundation, the Massachusetts Trial Court, the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration, and towns and organizations on Cape Cod. Cape Mediation is authorized by the Chief Justice of the District Court under the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution to provide alternate dispute resolution services in the District Courts of Barnstable, Falmouth, Nantucket, and Orleans.


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