Mediation , Conflict Resolution, Training
& Small Business Consultation

We serve the community with a range of accessible, high quality and affordable mediation services and educate community members about conflict prevention and collaborative problem-solving.

Elder and Family Mediation

Facilitated Family Meetings help elders and their adult families come to consensus on hard decisions regarding an elder’s needs while giving the elder person an integral part in the decision-making process. These decisions can be in regards to living arrangements, driving, medical or financial needs, caregiving and responsibilities of family members.

Elder Mediation supports elders having issues with other elders, such as when people begin to live in a group-housing situation.

Training for Elder Professionals helps elders settle conflicts. We provide training to groups of elder professionals, offer­ing easy-to-use tools for managing conflict among themselves, family members or caretakers.

Cape Mediation offers affordable services on a sliding scale based on ability to pay.


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